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3 Romantic Date Night Ideas For Fall

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This post contains affiliate links.While some associate fall with gray clouds and rainy
mornings, it’s actually one of the most romantic seasons we have. Neither winter, summer or
spring is able to display such an explosion of warm colors all around us - and those rainy days
are, of course, perfectly combined with cozy evenings in front of the fireplace.

If you need a bit of extra inspiration for what to treat your SO with on date nights, look no
further. Here is a handful of ideas on how you can take your romance to the next level
and enjoy all the advantages of a dark and chilly season.

#1 Make apple cider

If you have an entire Sunday to yourself one of these days, it’s highly recommended that you
head out together and fill your baskets with apples. They should be nice and ripe by now
and needs to be picked before the frost sets in, in any way.

When you have filled two large baskets with apples, you may be wondering what to do with
them. You can, after all, only eat a certain amount of apple pie before you get tired of them.

Making apple cider or apple juice is actually not that hard at all so save at least one of your
baskets for this purpose, remove the cores, and let them boil until soft. Have a look at this article
for a step-by-step guide, by the way, and enjoy the wonderful scent in the kitchen after your date night.

#2 Make a cozy fort

If the rain is pouring down and you have the house to yourself, you simply can’t go wrong with
a good old-fashioned fort. Bring some snacks in there with you or create a fancy cheese platter,
fill it with soft blankets, and cuddle up together.

If you’ve been planning on proposing to your SO anytime this fall, a romantic fort will definitely be
the right setting; have a look at Verragio, to begin with, and work your way through all the options.

#3 Go to a haunted house

While scary movies are great and all that, a haunted house gives you more than enough
reason to stay close to your SO for comfort. You should be able to find more than enough
haunted houses this close to Halloween so check out your local area for some of the best ones.

Since scary things certainly can be romantic and romance can be equally scary, this is perhaps
one of the best date nights you’ll treat yourself to this season.

Fall is the perfect season for spending more time together since both of you are looking for
warmth and comfort when the weather takes a turn. Taking advantage of it will,
in other words, benefit both of you.

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