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Fight Off The Fall Slump

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Lack of motivation. Laziness. And the sudden desire to isolate yourself – preferably with your favorite show on the TV
and a ginormous pack of buttery popcorn. That might sound like your ideal Sunday – and nobody can blame you for it –
but in reality, if these feelings are a regular occurrence, you’re probably suffering from a mild case of seasonal affective
disorder – SAD for short.
Generally speaking, SAD means that your body clock and metabolism get affected by the short days in Fall and Winter. When the sun exposure is on the decline, you can feel a little cranky, depressed, and tired. SAD can only get worse as Winter is coming near. So, right now is the perfect time to kickstart positive habits and rediscover your SAD-free joie de vivre.

Be kind to yourself
Everyone deserves a little bit of attention to feel better in their skin. But surprisingly, when Fall arrives, most people
are too busy preparing for the celebrations to come – Halloween night is always a big party when you’ve got
children. Consequently, when you take less time to look after yourself, you’re already giving seasonal affective
disorder an opportunity to bring you down. So put the Halloween preps away for a moment and think about yourself.
What is your go-to ritual for instant mood lift? For some people, enjoying a homemade cup of cocoa on the porch is
all it takes to let go of the daily stress. Others love nothing better than trying out new nail designs. Whatever takes
your fancy: Give yourself a little bit of your time.

Every season is dress season
Can anything get more exciting than trying on a new dress? If you thought that dresses are only good for Summer,
it’s time to change your mind. You can pair a cozy trendy dress with a pair of tights and boots, add a cardi to feel
warm, and ta-da, you’re ready to tackle a new day! But what’s the trend, you ask. Keep it casual; you can
find a floral dress in autumnal tones for instance. Animal prints are quite popular too.

It’s not too cold to go outside
The sky is gray, and you can see muddy patches in the garden when it’s been raining earlier. But that doesn’t mean
it’s too cold to leave the house. On the contrary, you need to recharge your body with positive energy –
aka, you need plenty of vitamin D from the sun. Put a jumper on and enjoy the crisp cool air on your leisurely day out.
If you live in the countryside, you can take your family apple picking – the best ingredient for a yummy Fall pie.
And if you haven’t already, now’s still time to visit a pumpkin patch and pick your perfect Jack-O-Lantern.

Find exciting projects
Last, but not least, your home needs to evolve with the season. Keeping vibrant Summer colors indoors only reminds
you that the hot weather is gone. Instead, spend an evening preparing new seasonal craft items.
It’s not only hugely relaxing, but it also brings a playful touch of fun to your decor. And when you make something beautiful, it makes you happy!

Don’t give SAD any chance. On the contrary, take the time to look after yourself, find projects and items that excite you and enjoy a day out in nature.

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