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5 Things To Do This November

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November is the time of year when most of us start to dig out our winter coats and slip into a state of hibernation, in that, with the darker nights and shorter days there’s something all too tempting about staying indoors with a warming soup and a good film.  Whilst that’s a nice thing to do from time to time, it can lead to people feeling a little down in the dumps, and many people are affected by the condition known as Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) which is known to trigger a state of low mood in people.

Therefore, finding ways to embrace the start of winter and enjoy the month of November is a must, and in that sense, this article covers five of the best things to do this November to ensure your spirits are kept high.

Whether you’re in the market for Black Friday carseat deals or flat screen TV’s, everyone has this newly created discount day etched into the back of their minds as we approach Christmas.  In consideration of the enormous discounts some retailers offer, it makes a lot of sense to buy your gifts from the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales.  

The thing that perhaps makes less sense, however, is that of queuing up in freezing temperatures from the early hours of the morning to be pushed up against the shop doors as consumers stampede their way into the shops to grab the best bargains.  The ferocious nature of this experience is akin to the sort of thing you might find in a rock club mosh pit, late on a Saturday night, yet somehow even the most gentile people can turn into pirate like characters as they fight to get their hands on the best deals.

In this sense, it might be a lot wiser (and certainly more efficient) to enjoy the sales from the comfort of your laptop!  This way you can get around a lot more shops too - and it’s as simple as clicking your mouse from the comfort of your warm bed.

For many, thanksgiving is a time for cosying up with family and great food, much the same as Christmas Dinner, though if you’re wanting something a little more extravagant, you could head to Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, which is well regarded as the official start to the holiday season.

Held in New York, this is the largest parade in the world, which combines huge fifty foot tall balloons, floats, marching bands, cheerleaders, performers and more - with the special guest of Santa along with his reindeers and elves… this is a great place to celebrate the start of the festive season and the whole of New York seems to get in the spirit.  That said, perhaps not the best option for those that don’t like crowds.

There are many alternatives to New York, however, as most small and large towns throughout America have their own celebrations - big and small, with many people focusing on the feeling of gratitude and togetherness.

There are many wonderful places to go ice skating at this time of year, and if you’re in an area where there’s snow - what better way to enjoy the winter weather than going sledding or building a snowman.  Just be sure to wear warm clothes and take sensible precautions, for instance, when having a snowball fight, ensure you’re not picking up snow with anything other than snow it, and when sledding, make sure the incline isn’t so steep you’ll end up sliding into a road at the bottom of the hill for instance.

Today, the majority of us watch the TV or a film with one eye on our mobile devices, indeed, the world seems to have gone a little ADHD when it comes to settling down and cosying up in front of a film with your family.  Winter is the perfect time to bake some biscuits, cook up some creative creations, pop some popcorn and cuddle up with your family.

Indeed, spending quality time together in front of the TV can be “quality time” if you turn it into an experience of connection and cosiness.

There’s something overrated about the efficiency of showers in the sense that sometimes it can be really nice to soak yourself in a warm bubble bath with a few scented candles and your favorite music.  Taking time out for yourself is important, particularly as we approach the holidays, and a nice hot bubble bath is one of the cheapest and most convenient ways to pamper yourself.

In summary, there are plenty of things you can do this November to lift your spirits and almost hibernate into yourself with the familial warmth that comes from this time of year - just be sure to take a walk in the sunshine from time to time in order to maintain your mood and combat the effects of the colder days and longer nights.

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