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Christmas Wish List 2018

Can you believe that Christmas is now less than a month away? I'm so excited because I love celebrating the birth of Christ, seeing all of the beautiful colors, watching Christmas movies and the peacefulness that Christmas brings. I also love the Christmas carols and time with my family. I really do love Christmas so much but it can get stressful and very expensive. I always try to keep my wish list within a reasonable price range because like I said, Christmas can get very expensive.  I usually don't want much at all for Christmas so it's not hard to buy for me.  In fact, I would be content with a tin of popcorn or a homemade gift. I really am a very simple person and I'm always very grateful for anything anyone does for me. When my husband, my dad and mother-in-law asked what was on my Christmas list for this year, I could only think of these 6 things. 

Lucy Earrings// Plunder Design
Ankle Boots// Stage

I know I probably won't get all of these and really wouldn't be upset at all if I didn't get anything on this list. All I want is for my family and friends to be happy and healthy. I want peace and love in the world. I want for the needy to be taken care of, especially all of the children. I would prefer that someone help someone in need than spend the money on me. Christmas is about Christ, spreading love and kindness, helping those in need and making time for those who matter most. It's not about the presents, but the presence of Christ. So this Christmas if you don't give anyone anything, at least give someone the gift of your time.

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What is on your Christmas Wish List this year?

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