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Creating The Perfect Family Room

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Decorating your home is a much easier process when you live alone. After all, you only have to take your
own needs and tastes into account. Unfortunately, this task can be made much more challenging when
you add a partner and children to the mix. Now, you need to find ways to keep everyone safe and happy,
while still achieving the level of style and sophistication you’re used to. To create a stylish and
family-friendly living room in your home, here are six things you should do.

Create An Open Space
Modern family life is busy, to say the least, which is why open-plan living is often the best choice for a
family home. This creates a space that encourages social interaction and quality time, making it easier
for family members to spend time together, even when in separate rooms doing their own things.
To create an organized space, you should design zones for specific activities.

Try To Cut Corners
With pets and young children wandering around, you become very aware of all of the dangers in
your home, especially corners on square and rectangular pieces of furniture. Instead of covering
your stylish decor with ugly safety bumpers, you should switch to circular options instead.
Round ottomans, coffee tables, and more all work well in a living space and are a much safer choice.

Stick To Durable Materials
As a parent, you become used to spills and mess, but that won’t make it any less heartbreaking when
your little one ruins your new carpet with juice. To prevent this, you should opt for more durable
materials, like solid wood flooring. Laminate is also an option, just be sure you find the
safest laminate flooring you can.
Also, stick with leather or slipcovers for chairs and couches.

Get Strategic With Storage
There’s no denying that children come with a lot of stuff, from toys and games to books and
craft supplies. With that in mind, it’s vital that your family-friendly space incorporates plenty
of storage. If you’ve already made use of all of the obvious options, you should think strategically
and find places you can conceal your clutter. Hollow ottomans and benches are a common

Switch Up Your Decor
Most people assume that, when they have children, they’ll have to get rid of all of their expensive and
beautiful decorative pieces. While this isn’t true, you may want to switch up their placement. After all,
if they’re too low to the ground, your children may get ahold of them. While you do this, you could hang
up some of their artwork. Placing these in frames will make them look neater.

Make Room For Play
Unless you have a separate playroom for your little ones, you're going to want to create a dedicated
playspace in your family room. This way, you can watch your children while they play, but your
space won’t become cluttered with toys and games. To keep this in with the decor of the rest of
the room, you should make sure that any furnishings are of the same color and style.

Creating the perfect family room isn’t easy, but, hopefully, with the advice above, you have some
idea of where to start.

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