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Dr Saks: Does Retail Therapy Really Work?

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It seems like it's the only solution when we're feeling down, heading downtown and doing a spot of splurging can seem like the perfect therapy. But if we've been through a bad time, or we’re just in a foul mood, is retail therapy the best option? And if it is, is there anything we can do to make sure we get the most benefit from it, without us spiraling into debt?
Get The Items You Need, Not The Ones You Want
If you've already put money aside to make a big purchase, like those earrings for an upcoming wedding, you could use your mood to your advantage and buy these things now. The problem with retail therapy is that we buy so many things on impulse when we're in a bad mood, and don't think about the consequences. Think about getting the items that you need.
Does Online Retail Therapy Work?
Most people are shunning the brick and mortar store in favor of online retail therapy. Whether it's through popular online jewelry brands, or just taking a trip down the aisles of eBay, we've got so many options to navigate. It depends on what you want to buy. When it comes to clothes, they certainly look great online, but whether they look great on you is another thing. So, you may find yourself buying an abundance of items that you won't end up using, making the exercise in retail therapy somewhat useless. But, financially speaking, the benefits of this is that if you're not happy with a bunch of the items, if not all of them, then you can return them and get your money back! Sure, if you regretted spending that much money in the first place, this could be your saving grace.
The Secret To Splurging
If you are thoroughly in the moment, but in 24 hours’ time there could be a chance you'll regret the splurge, the great thing about many stores these days is that they let you put items on hold for 24 hours. If you're shopping so you can feel better, ask the store to put the items on hold, and then wake up tomorrow and see if you still want them, or if your bank balance has dictated otherwise!
Does Retail Therapy Work?
It does! There was a study published in the Psychology And Marketing Journal that showed that shopping can help elevate a bad mood. People who are upset are more impulsive, and this explains why retail therapy is so popular. But, we all know that treating ourselves is an instant mood booster. When we feel stressed, it can relate to the fact that we're not able to control our environment. Shopping isn't just something we can exert control over, but it's for our benefit. And if you feel that it's the only solution to a bad day, there are ways for you to do it without getting into so much debt. Just make sure you have a head of common sense on those shoulders!

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