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Flirty Polka Dot Top

There is just something about a Ruffle-Sleeve Top that gives a girl confidence. My husband got this Polka Dot Top for me as a Christmas gift, and I am in love. Not only is the shade one of my favorite colors, it's also in Polka Dots. I've always been a sucker for Polka Dots. They just make you feel flirty and all lady like. 

I absolutely love this top because it can be worn with anything and still look fantastic. You can wear it with jeans, pencil skirts or dress pants. I chose to style it with black jeggings because most days I'm at work. I love what a stylish and sophisticated look this gives you when you dress it up with a pair of black jeggings and black ankle boots. 

I didn't want to take away from the gorgeous polka dots, so I opted for Pearls for my accessories. Can you ever go wrong with pearls? I don't think so! To add a little more excitement to the outfit, I threw in a little leopard with my clutch. I love the pattern mixing variation!

My husband certainly didn't go wrong when he chose this top for me. He knows me and my style well. This Flirty Polka Dot gives me the confidence to take on the world. Every woman should own a Ruffle-Sleeve Polka Dot Top. Do you own one?

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