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Keep Me Entertained: TBB Asks

Hello Friends and Happy January! I hope everyone had a blessed Christmas and New Year. We sure did! We truly are blessed more than we realize or deserve. It's now the first Monday in January, so that means it's time for our monthly edition of TBB Asks from my friends at The Blended Blog. I always look forward to these monthly questionnaires because it's a fun way to get to know one another. I love reading these and learning all about everyone. This month's theme is all about ways to keep entertained. One must definitely find ways to stay entertained during the cold winter months.  Here are my favorite ways that I like to keep myself entertained. 

1) Books that I have read multiple times: The Bible, The Twilight Saga, and several Nicholas Sparks Books.

2) Favorite Book/ Author of All Time: The Bible of Course, but I also love The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks.

3) Favorite TV Show to Binge: Justified, Prison Break or Longmire. I'm currently binge watching Ozark. 

4) Favorite New-ish TV Show: This is Us.

5) Favorite movie of all time: Sweet Home Alabama

6) Movie you are looking forward to watching: Aquaman

7) First Concert you attended: Gasp! I've actually never been to a concert before. I need to change that ASAP!

8) Ultimate Concert (even if it can't happen!): Luke Bryan & Thomas Rhett

9) Favorite Music Artist/Band: I have two! Luke Bryan & Thomas Rhett 

10) How do you listen? (Streaming? Cd's? Vinyl?) Streaming and occasionally Cd's

That's a wrap for my favorite ways to stay entertained. How do you stay entertained in the winter?

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