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15 Non-Traditional Date Ideas

I hope you all had a wonderful Valentine's Day. There was no date night for us because I was fighting the Flu but my husband still made sure I had a great day. My husband was also sick, so we spent our Valentine's evening at home watching Netflix, munching on  Valentine's candy and delicious cheesecake filled strawberries and chocolate covered strawberries that my husband got me for Valentine's Day. It might not have been the ideal date for some, but you can make the best out of any circumstance and to me it meant the world. So that inspired me to write this blog post. When we think of Date Nights, we almost always think of a romantic dinner and a movie. However, there are many Non-Traditional Ways to enjoy a date night with your partner. Some of these are weather permitting of course.

1) Date Night at Home- One of my favorite ways to spend time with my husband is by staying home, cooking a quick meal or maybe even getting takeout instead, curling up on the couch together and watching Netflix. It is spending good quality time together, with no rush and no where to have to go.

2) Church Dates- Ask your partner to attend church with you. My husband doesn't go to church that often with me, but when he does it absolutely makes my day.

3) Go Karting

4) Gun Range- My husband loves to Target shoot and I enjoy shooting with him. This is something we really bond together with.

5) Volunteer Together

6) Go to the Racetrack- My husband is a race car driver so most of our summer dates are spent at the race track.

7) Hiking/Biking

8) Fishing

9) Work on a home project together

10) Have a game night

11) Try a new recipe together

12) Have a flea market date

13) Bowling

14) Go on a Picnic

15) Take a mini road trip

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