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High Five For Turning Five

Welcome to the weekly High Five For Friday link-up hosted by Tif @ Bright On A Budget, Becky @ BYBMG, Whitney @ Come Home For Comfort, Whitney @ Polka Dotty Place  and myself. We're glad you're here! High Five for Friday is where we come together to share five highlights or five favorite things from the past week each Friday.

I hope everyone had a great week. Unfortunately, my week wasn't much better than last week. After having the flu, I also caught the terrible stomach bug so it's been a pretty rough week and a half for me. The flu is going around bad here in Ky. They even cancelled school this week because of it. Hopefully they can sanitize the schools good and everyone can start feeling better soon. It's also been a good week because Raylan celebrated his 5th birthday on Wednesday. He said he wished to not have to go to school on his birthday and his wish came true.  Here are 5 of my favorite photos of him for his 5th birthday.

1) He was so excited to tell everyone that he had turned 5. He woke up and thought he had grown much taller and stronger overnight since he had turned 5. He has made sure to tell everyone that he is now 5.

2) I was still recovering from my all of my sicknesses and his birthday was a very rainy day, but we still celebrated at home with cake and pizza. He loves Thomas the Train and had requested a Thomas the Train cake this year.

3) A long time family friend of ours mailed him a birthday card with some money and he was ecstatic that he had mail and money.

4) Our neighbor is such a crafty lady. She made him Percy from Thomas and Friends out of a Kleenex box, construction paper and other items she had laying around. Raylan was in love with it and now has it displayed on his bedroom dresser.

5) This photo was taken back in January, but the only thing he asked for his birthday was this Thomas the Train Super Station. He said he didn't even want a big birthday party. All he wanted was this Super Station. I must say it has been one of the best gifts we have ever gotten him. He has definitely played with it more than any of his other toys.  Yes, we let him have his birthday present almost a month early. However, we did get him a few small gifts to open on his actual birthday.

That’s a wrap for my week. How was your week? I hope it was great!

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