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How to Choose a Designer Bag

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Bags. There is a reason why women all over the world love them. It doesn’t matter what size clothing you wear, what size shoes you take, whether you are having a bad hair day or a bad skin day - you can always find a bag to match your outfit and lift your mood.

If you think about it, a bag is a pretty important component to our outfit. It holds all our essential bits and pieces - purse, keys, phone, makeup and the other stuff we need to carry around on a day to day basis. Women’s clothes aren't designed like mens - they never have pockets, none that are deep enough to hold anything of note anyway!

If you have a bit of spare cash floating around and you really want to treat yourself, a designer bag from somewhere like Fifth Collection Herm├Ęs is definitely something to consider. It’s not only going to increase your style quotient and make you the envy of everyone, but a good bag will last for years and years, and if you choose one in a classic style, it will go with every outfit. Call it a long-term investment!
From satchels to clutch purses, crossbody bags to totes, it is important to spend some time thinking about what you need from your bag. If you are looking for something to carry around your lunch and files, a small clutch bag isn’t going to be particularly helpful. If you want something to jazz up that little black dress for nights out and glamorous occasions, something small and sparkly will do the trick. For everyday use, a tote or a crossbody bag is usually a good call.

You also need to think about setting a budget. If you are looking to buy brand new, your budget will need to be considerably higher. However, don't be afraid to look for last season’s bags if you are on a lower budget, or preowned. Your budget will obviously have some impact on which brand you can go for. If you have $500 set aside, you're probably not going to be walking out with a Chanel bag anytime soon. Do your research and investigate some of the smaller, less well-known fashion houses. They will be cheaper, but who knows in the future what your bag will be worth if you take good care of it!

Choose your color wisely. If you go for something busy and bright, you are limiting yourself to the outfits that you can pair it with. Opt for classic colors - black, navy, tan - these will never go out of fashion and can be used with just about any outfit, from jeans and sneakers to that glamorous evening dress. Some designers allow you to customize the inside - Louis Vuitton, for example, gives you a choice of colors for the linings. This is where you can add that little pop of color if you want one.

Most importantly, enjoy your new bag. There is little point in spending a significant amount of money on a bag for it to sit in its dustbag in your wardrobe because you’re too afraid to use it. Every scuff or mark tells a story and proves it is a bag that is very much loved.

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