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Printable Birthday Interview For Kids

Last week, my son Raylan turned the big 5 years old. I made sure to do a whole day full of fun-filled activities and themes relating to his birthday. That's when this idea struck me. Why not do a birthday interview? It's something that I could put in a safe place to keep and reflect back on years later. It's also a way to remember how sweet he was at the tender age of 5 and remember how precious his answers were. It's actually an Interview that you can ask your child the same questions at every birthday and see just how much their answers have changed within a years time. I had so much fun asking Raylan these questions and hearing his sweet answers. It really was a precious memory for me that I will always treasure and something that I will look forward to doing every year.  So I have put together a FREE printable birthday interview template that you can use to interview your child on his or her birthday.  Below are FREE printable copies for a boy interview and a girl interview. Be sure to click on the proper link, print them out and begin making fun birthday memories with your child. These are wonderful keepsakes to look back on years from now and see your child's changing answers and personalities as they grow into an adult. 

Click here for Free Printable Boy Birthday Interview

Click here for Free Printable Girl Birthday Interview

Have fun making lots of Birthday Memories!

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