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14 Sick Day Essentials for Kids

 Kids are so adorable and loving, but they are little creatures full of germs. They are always packing and spreading germs. Despite  our best efforts to keep them healthy, they still get sick. It's a natural part of life for them to get sick every once in a while.  It's best to stay prepared with sick day essentials because you never know when sickness will occur.  The last thing you want to do  is have to get your sick kid out and go to the store for the essentials they need to feel better. So, here are some essentials you should always have on hand, just in case they get sick all of a sudden.


A Humidifier is a must to add necessary moisture to the air to help relieve cough and congestion.

Saline Spray/Drops 

Saline Spray helps loosen mucus secretions to help aid removal from the nose and sinuses so your little one can breathe more easily.


These are the perfect staple for an upset stomach, the  Stomach Flu, and they are always in my pantry.  They are also great to go with soups for a cold.


Everyone needs to keep a box of Kleenex Facial Tissues on hand.  They are great to catch those runny, raw little noses and gentle on their noses too. Kleenex is perfect for Allergies, Colds, Flu, Gatherings, Church, Back to School and for everything else.


Bananas are great for an upset stomach. They have soluble fiber that absorbs the liquid in your stomach and helps aid in digestion. They also help relieve the feeling of fullness.


Sprite is also great for easing an upset stomach and Gatorade is great for replacing the electrolytes that you lose when you're sick.

Children's Tylenol 

Tylenol or Motrin are must-haves that everyone needs in their medicine cabinet. You never know when a child can spike a fever. You need Tylenol to bring the fever down safely while also relieving aches and pains.

Comfort Foods

My son isn't big on soups, but he loves other comfort foods when he is sick. He prefers the microwaveable cups of mashed potatoes and macaroni and cheese. They can be heated quickly which makes for a happy camper. Everyone always feel better after they have ate.

Lysol Wipes

Lysol wipes are an absolute must. They help clean and disinfect your household surfaces where germs like to harbor. They also trap and lift everyday messes.


I love this Vick's SpeedRead Thermometer.  It provides an accurate reading in only 8 seconds. It also has color-coded displays to help you know when a low or high fever is present.

Pedialyte Freezer Pops

Almost every child loves popsicles and wants them to keep cool. These Pediatlye Freezer Pops are perfect for preventing dehydration in both kids and adults. They also help aid in replenishing lost electrolytes and fluids.


When you or your child is sick, all you can do it lay around and stay confined to the house. There really isn't much you can do or feel like doing. So, Netflix is perfect for making the most out of those long sick days. With tons of movies to choose from, your child is sure to stay entertained.

My son is 5 and has had more than his fair share of sick days. It seems like he has stayed sick his whole first year of preschool. However, he had a lot of sick days before he ever entered the school doors. He is a child with a low immune system. No matter how hard we have tried to build his immune system up, he still seems to catch almost every bug that goes around. Unfortunately from much experience, we know all about those sick days. That's why we make sure to have these tried and true 14 Sick Day Essentials on Hand for him. They always help make the sickness go a little smoother.

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