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How Do You Send Someone A Personal Message?

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Dig into your pocket and no doubt you will find a smartphone. It can send SMS text, emails, social media posts and messages and none of them seem quite that personal. But does personal messaging really matter in the old fashioned way? Why would anyone go through the trouble of making a personal message from scratch using their own hands and ingenuity? Well even in this day and age there are situations and times when you should be sending something heartfelt and meaningful to someone you really care about. Pixels on a screen don’t cut the mustard when it comes to making a long lasting impression on someone when you have sent them an important message about a subject that really strikes to the core. So how do you go about it?

The smoothness of personality

They say our handwriting says a lot about our personality and this is true. If you are someone who is laid back and calm, your letters will actually tend to lean back. If you are someone who has a personality that is like a whirlwind of thoughts, your handwriting will learn forward. So when you write a personal message you should be using a pen that can smoothly impose your personality in your writing style. Hence why an ink fountain pen is something you should consider buying for when you are writing for a personal occasion. This might be when your best friend is about to get married and you want to write them and congratulate them. It could also be to someone in your family who you want to write a personal letter to also. A pen that glides smoothly will show your uniqueness.

Think of me

Sending a letter is one thing but having it be practically displayed or hung is another. Too many personal heartfelt letters get stuck in a drawer somewhere and forgotten about. You can give the person you are addressing some gold binder clips which they can use to pin up your letter easily around their home. This could be during Christmas time, a special holiday or even just something you want them to remember you by. You get around 20 clips so they are relatively inexpensive, so give them one to keep along with the letter. This could allow your letter to hang over an important part of the home such as in the bedroom or hallway.

An image from your mind

One of the best things you can do for a really authentic message is to also include a hand drawn picture. It goes without saying you might need some practice but a sketch with some fine drawing pencils of a memory or special occasion from the past can be put inside the envelope with the card or letter. There are useful videos online that you can watch to get some basic and advanced drawing tips.

Even now, a handwritten letter or card has true value in our lives. It's not digital but made uniquely for us which makes it all the more personal.

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