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Memorable Summer Bucket List for Kids

The official start of Summer will soon be here. However, we have already been celebrating Summer since School let out. Every year I like to make an updated Bucket List of fun and Memorable things to do during the Summer with my son.

My son is 5 and he doesn't have some of the same interests as he did last summer, hence the new Bucket list. I sat down with him and asked him what were some of the things that he would like to get to do this summer, and I gave him some ideas too. So, here is our guide to a Memorable Summer Bucket List for Kids. We may not get to do everything on the list, but we will sure try. I encourage you to use this fun list with your kids or make your own. Summer doesn't have to be expensive! This Bucket List emphasizes on mostly free things to do. After all, the best kind of fun is free!  This summer put down your phones and make plenty of memories with your kids. They are only little once. Make this a fun and memorable summer for them and yourself.

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  1. Looks like you could knock a lot of these out in a fun, though hectic, weekend camping trip.


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