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Most Fashionable Celebrities And Celebrity Kids

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Celebrities are always the first to get their hands on the latest designer clothing. They are then pictured in all of their gorgeous outfits in order to make up the main pages of the fashion magazines. Thus, there is no doubt that they have a lot of influence on the clothes we all wear today and the trends that we like. Nevertheless, there are some celebrities who have a greater impact on women’s fashion trends than others, and these celebrities are as follows…

Nicki Minaj
Aside from rapping and being a judge on American Idol, Nicki is well known for her eccentric and electric fashion taste. Her style is loud and she can usually be spotted from a mile off due to the bright colours that she wears. She has influenced the world of fashion because she has injected a wealth of personality. She is also one of the best in the celebrity world when it comes to accessorising. From sailor style hats to massive chunky bangles; Minaj doesn’t cut any corners when it comes to this part of her look. In addition to this, her signature bright pink lipstick and tight leggings has had an effect on what a lot of young adults wear today.

Gwen Stefani
Gwen Stefani is one yummy mummy, that’s for sure! She doesn’t only bring girl power to No Doubt but she brings girl power every where she goes. Gwen is known for her punk and preppy style which is always finished off with a touch of feminine edge. Her bright blonde hair and red lipstick combination is something which has been embraced by the fashion world and will never be deemed as unstylish. Moreover, she has also been responsible for the increase in patterned trousers – such as tartan, harem pants and that gorgeous high bun hair style which is being worn everywhere at the moment.

Amy Winehouse
Because of Amy’s monumental effect on the music industry, a lot of people tend to overlook the effect that she had on women’s apparel as well. She single handily made the beehive hair style one of the coolest looks you will ever see. Moreover, her favourite black eyeliner flick is something which loads of young girls wear today. Amy had a monumental effect on fashion to say the least; even designing her own brand and inspiring designer’s runway shows as well. Her fashion legacy will always live on.

Kate Moss
It is fair to say that no one has had such a profound effect on the fashion industry as Kate Moss. The English super model redefined 90s fashion, and very rarely will you ever see her not looking sleek or stylish. Moss is credited for a lot of great in the industry, after all the impact she has had is monumental. One of the things she does best is possess that unbelievable ability to look one million dollars but effortless at exactly the same time.

Lady Gaga
And finally, this list could not be complete without the lady who wore a dress which was entirely made out of meat. What Gaga does best is that she uses fashion in order to send out a message and to express who she is. She has changed the industry from being something which is merely fun to having great passion and meaning.

All these celebrities have had an impact on the fashion industry in their own unique way. But which of these celebrity styles do you admire the most?

Most Stylish Celebrity Kids of Today

Imagine what it would be like to have been born into stardom. Imagine the parties you would have had growing up, imagine the school you would have gone to, and imagine all of the stylish clothes you would have worn. This is the life that celebrity kids live today. And some celebrity kids have it better than others! Read on to discover the top six most stylish celebrity kids…

Ava Klass
Ava Klass is the daughter of a famous pop star; Myleene Klass. Ironically, their surnames beautifully display their sense of style; classy with a modern twist. Myleene ensures that her little girl always looks chic and stylish whilst maintaining that pretty and adorable quality that all children should have. You will often see Ava in pretty little dress with patent pumps and her hair worn in cute pigtails with little bows.

Mason Dash Disick
Mason is the son of reality TV star Kourtney Kardashian and her partner Scott Disick. Their little boy has the most adorable preppy style going on. From sleek berets to stylish bow ties; this little celebrity has a wardrobe which anyone would be envious of.

Suri Cruise
Suri has a pretty and adorable style which has certainly been influenced by her mother; Katie Holmes. The six year old possesses an elegance and grace which is well beyond her years. She is usually spotted in tunics, pastels, and floral patterns. She adds the occasional glamorous item to her outfit as well, such as leopard print pumps. In fact, she has even been spotted in a pair of little heels from time to time as well.

Skyler Berman
When your mum is a fashion designer you would probably expect to be dressed in the nicest clothes, and Skyler certainly fits the bill. Rachel Zoe says that her little boy is her favourite person to dress and that is something which certainly shows. Skyler always looks suave and stylish. His outfits are always accompanied by the most adorable accessories. In fact, he even has a shoe collection which is worth over three and a half thousand dollars!

These celebrity kids certainly have got a wardrobe to envy! From Mason Dash Disick’s preppy look to Suri Cruise’s elegant style – who knew children could show such personality through their clothing at such a young age?

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