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Pink Boho Dress for Summer

Summer Break is officially here, and we are making the most of it. Raylan and I already have our Bucket Lists made and we are ready to enjoy the summer. In fact, we have already started crossing some things off of our lists. With lots of fun things planned, I have to be stylish while beating the heat. So, this is exactly why I'm loving this Pink Boho Dress for Summer. 

I used to loathe wearing dresses, now I love them!   My favorite dresses are the loose fitting Boho Dresses like this one. They are simple, lightweight and oh so stylish. Boho dresses are perfect for days out at the park, picnics, church and anywhere else that comes to mind. I'm loving this Hot Pink and Floral Boho Dress for Summer. It's so lightweight you can barely tell that you have it on. It definitely doesn't burn you up during these warm sunny days. In fact, it would be the perfect dress to wear to the beach or lake. The hot pink color is perfect for summer, and the floral designs make the dress pop even more to make a statement for summer.  I may have went a little extra on the pink with my sandals and clutch, but I don't mind. Pink is a bright and cheerful color that you will see a lot of this Summer. The brighter, the better!

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Sandals// Rue 21
Flamingo Clutch// Poshmark 
Necklace and Earrings// Paparazzi Accessories

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