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5 Things Moms Need To Stop Doing

Being a mom is the hardest job there is! Seriously, it is harder than working a full shift at work. It is also the most rewarding job anyone could ever have. The joys that motherhood brings is unspeakable. There are no words to explain how wonderful motherhood can be. 

These days it seems that moms have such a hard time. People try to tell other people how to parent. Everyone is so opinionated and quick to pass judgement, especially since social media took the world by storm. Here are 5 things that moms need to stop doing. 

  1. Stop placing judgement on other moms. Parenting is hard enough without someone trying to tell us how to parent or judging us for the way that we parent. 
  2. Stop caring what people think- Wear that bathing suit, wear those shorts or that dress you love. Don’t let anyone shame your body. God blessed you to be able to carry a beautiful life in that body of yours. You are perfect with stretch marks and all. You are perfect no matter how much you weigh. God doesn’t make mistakes. Don’t let people cause you to not enjoy a day at the lake or beach with your kids. This is precious time you will never get back. 
  3. Stop comparing yourselves to other moms. Today’s society wants everyone to think that all moms should be perfect Pinterest moms. This isn’t reality or even practical. What mom has a perfectly clean house all the time or has time to cook huge meals everyday? 
  4. Stop letting people make you feel bad about your parenting decisions such as working or not working. Whether you work or stay home, that’s none of anyone business but yours. You have to do what’s best for you and your family. 
  5. Stop making excuses as to why you can’t make time for yourself. Moms have to make time for their selves. We give and give for everyone else, especially our children. If we don’t make time for ourselves, we get exhausted and ran down. Our health will decline, especially mental health. So have a girls day out, go get pampered, or even make time for a date night with your hubby. Just make time for yourself. Kids need a mom that is at their best not completely exhausted. Trust me, you are not less of a mom just because you take a little time for yourself. Every mom needs a minute for themselves. 

So stop worry about yourself and start living your best life. As long as you and your kids are happy, who cares what anyone else thinks. Kids need a happy and present mom!

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