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A Day In The Life Of A Race Wife

In the above photo, you see a race car loaded up on a car trailer. This is something you will see almost every Saturday. Saturday’s are busy days for this race car family and are almost always booked for us. We know not to plan much for Saturday’s due to my husband’s passion for racing. 

He has been racing  since before we got married, so it’s something that I have grown accustomed to. Everyone knows that Saturday’s are for racing! We set aside Sunday’s for church, family time or date days. 

Throughout the week, my husband will come home from a long shift at  work; and it won’t be long until he heads out to the garage. He will eat Supper, play with our son and then go to the garage. My son and I know if we want to spend much time with him during the week, then the garage is where we will be during the evenings.  Most of the time, you will find Raylan in the garage with His own very own tool bag helping his dad. Justin works hard all week long in the garage to prepare for a day or night of racing on the weekend. At times I will get frustrated at the hours that he puts into his race car or the money that he spends on the race car. There are a lot of times that my son and I don’t go to the races, especially if the temperatures are scorching hot. A lot of times we don’t get to go the races if our son is sick or if this momma is plain worn out. However, most of the time we are at the track right along with my husband. Luckily for my husband, our 5 year old son loves race cars just as much as his daddy. Raylan loves to watch the race cars go down the track, but his favorite thing to do is helping his daddy prepare his car for the race. Raylan loves to help Justin air up the tires and change out spark plugs. He also loves to help his daddy unload the race car from the car trailer. It’s something that they love to do together. 

A day in the life of a race wife can get frustrating and at times it certainly can get lonely. There are times that I wish he wouldn’t go to the garage. There are also Saturday’s that I would love for us to do something different. However, I wouldn’t change a thing. I love that my husband is passionate about his hobby and Is chasing his dream. He works very hard to at his day job to provide a good life for his family. He always includes us in his racing adventures and I love that. I may not like racing as much as he does, but I love that he always includes us to tag along even though we may not always do so. My favorite is that he includes our son. I love how he involves Raylan and teaches him how to work on the cars. It’s something that do together and it’s great bonding time. We have travelled all over to watch him and support his racing. In fact, a lot of summers we will be gone on weekend racing adventures to new tracks. We have seen a lot of beautiful new places because of my husbands love for racing. Raylan and I will always be Justin’s biggest supporters and biggest fans. 

A day in the life of a race wife may be a little different in the eyes of most people. However, I love my husbands hard work and determination. I love to see him doing what he loves and achieving his goals. But what I Love most is his love for his family. No matter how tired he may be, he always manages to make time for his little family. 

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