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A Moment In Time: Summer Time Capsule

Raylan and I have planned on doing a Time Capsule all summer long. I've pondered on what all he could put in the capsule, how he could do the capsule, and how he could properly store it until the time for him to open it. After much thought and consideration, we finally got around to doing the Time Capsule.

I  knew I wanted to capture this special moment in time of Raylan, so I did a mini interview recording of him beforehand. This recording was stored online and on a flash drive just in case I lost it somehow.

Below is his video.

I then had Raylan write his name on a piece of paper, so that I could look back and see how his hand writing had changed over the years. 

I also had Raylan draw a picture of anything he wanted. He decided to draw a picture of a race car which is the blue with wheels. The purple line represents the race track. He said that the M represents Mommy. This was such a very fitting picture for him to draw because race cars is a hobby of his and his daddy Justin. My husband is a race car driver and Raylan always tags along to watch his daddy race and help his daddy out. The M was fitting too because he is a Momma's boy and I wouldn't have it any other way. 

Above is a photo of Raylan and all of the things that he chose to put into his Summer Time Capsule. He is currently into monster trucks, Ryan's World, The Axel Show, hot wheels, trains and whoopee cushions. 

Along with his toys, writings and drawings; I also put in two posters that he has collected of monster trucks. 

We sealed everything up in one of Justin's empty ammo boxes and locked it away in our safe. We chose not to open it until Raylan turns 10 years old, which is 5 years from now. 

Raylan is currently 5 years old.  He is 3 foot 9 and weighs 45 lbs. He begins Kindergarten next week.

This Summer Time Capsule was such a wonderful activity to do together. I love this sweet age that Raylan is right now and wanted to capture these precious moments in time. However, I'm excited to see what all he learns and does in the next 5 years. I encourage everyone to do a Summer Time Capsule with their kids. These are precious memories you will want to look back on and it's a great way to treasure some of their favorite keepsakes. 

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