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Toy Rescue Ice Block Activity

This Kentucky heat has been no joke this week. It has been so humid and absolutely miserable. We have been swimming, playing with water guns, and finding other ways to beat the heat. We decided to try a different way to keep cool, and Raylan approved. We tried a Toy Rescue Ice Block Activity.

I told Raylan to gather up as many small toys as he could. He chose toys such as bouncy balls, plastic spiders, plastic frogs, dinosaurs, little people, legos and domino's. We then put them into a clean empty Ice Cream Bucket and filled it up with water. 

We then put it in the freezer overnight, so that it would be frozen solid.

After freezing overnight, the Toy Rescue Ice Block Activity was ready to go.

Raylan has his very own tool kit that he likes to use to work on things, so he put it to good use with this activity. I made sure that he wore his safety goggles since he was breaking Ice and working with a Hammer and Screwdriver. Plastic tools would work good too with this activity.

Raylan worked for almost an hour trying to Rescue his Toys from the Ice Block.

He absolutely loved this activity and would get so excited each time that he would rescue a Toy.

I encourage you to do this activity with your child this summer. It's such a great way for them to cool down and beat the heat. It's also an activity that will keep them busy and from being bored. Simple and free fun is the best kind of fun! 

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