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Printable Budgeting Journal

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Have you ever felt like it’s easy for your spending to get away from you? With auto-pay for bills along with apps like Venmo, tech is making spending easier than ever. If left unchecked, you may fall into a pattern of unnecessary spending, making it harder to achieve your financial goals.

This is why it’s so important to practice mindfulness. Every aspect of your life can benefit from mindfulness, but your finances deserve special attention. If you’re looking to add more intention to your budgeting routine, you may be interested in the Japanese concept of kakeibo. It’s a system that requires you to physically track your expenses on pen and paper, separating them out into wants, needs, culture, and unexpected expenses.

You’ll find that kakeibo will help you streamline your expenses and see where your money is really going. It also makes financial goals easier to achieve. To get started, download this free printable kakeibo journal.

Happy budgeting!

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