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Completing The Look: How To Accessorize Your Style

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Creating the perfect look that reflects your style is all about the details. Having the small finishing touches can take a simple look, and turn it into a real statement that goes far in reflecting who you are, and what you are all about. 

Whatever your personality type and style, there are always accessories that you can use to create the perfect look. And, you need not spend a fortune to create the look, as you can buy so many great pieces for next to nothing. 

We’re going to look at a few ways of dressing up your outfits with some must-have accessories. 


The right jewelry can finish a look. Whether you’re looking for a more formal style, or whether you want to show your unconventional side, you can make a statement with jewelry, or allow for a sedate elegance. 

Wood plugs and tunnels create a great alternative look that says that you are not afraid to be different. They will go with any outfit, 

If you want the world to know who you are, and what you’re passionate about, why not get a bold custom necklace? Many great designers are working on sites such as Etsy who can create amazing bespoke pieces using whatever words and images you like. If you are only going to wear one necklace, then this is a strong look. 

If subtle is your thing, why not opt for a delicate silver necklace? Find a small piece that creates a simple, beautiful statement. This type of jewelry is useful if you do not want to detract away from your clothing.


Belts are great for more than just holding up your pants. They can separate an outfit, and allow you to split the focus and attention. You can wear a belt over anything; for example, a dress, skirt, jacket, or a bulky cardigan. It can be worn loose to help take the attention away from your tummy, or tight if you want to create a cinched waist. 


Scarves can do a great deal in terms of finishing your outfit. If you add a contrasting or complementary color to your outfit, they are particularly useful. While the neck is the traditional place where scarves are worn, feel free to wear them wherever you please. They can be wrapped around your wrist, waist, of used to adorn your handbag. 


A hat can say a lot, and wearing the right one can make you seem very interesting. Pick a hat that has a brim that is no wider than your shoulders — wearing a hat at a jaunty angle if you want to appear a little bit taller. Fedoras can make for a cute look when wearing them with skirts or dresses; they are not just for men! While if you want to create a bohemian look, go for a beret. 


You don’t need to have problems with your eyesight to wear great fashionable eyewear. You can buy some great frames with plain lenses that will really dress up your face and give you a whole new look. Try a few pairs on, and see which styles suit your face shape. 

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