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Nightly Routine for a Productive Morning

As a student, part-time employee and a mom of a Kindergartener my days are quite busy. It seems there are never enough hours in the day to get everything accomplished. Often times I wonder how I will get everything done, but by the grace of God it gets done. I have found that if I have a nightly routine then my mornings tend to be more productive; which makes for a smoother day and a happier me.

I used to be a spur of the moment kind of person, which led to a lot of stress and anxiety. Thankfully I changed my habits and have made life a little easier on myself by establishing a nightly routine. Now I am not nearly as stressed and I'm able to relax a little in the mornings before I have to start my busy day. Here is my nightly routine.

Finish For Today:

Tick off To Do List 
Speed Clean

Prepare for Tomorrow:

Review Planner
Write to Do List
Papers and Homework are in order
Pack Bag & Book bag
Prepare Lunches 
Lay Out Clothes
Set Alarm


Remove Makeup
Wash Face
Brush Teeth


Take Meds/Vitamins
Read a book to Raylan
Get Raylan to Bed
Pamper Myself (also known as me time)
Bible and Devotional Time

Do you have a nightly routine or are you a spur of the moment person? 

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