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The 3 Essential Bags

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9 out of 10 women have a bag obsession. This stat is wholly made up, but chances are you read this and nodded along. That’s how confident one can be to say that bags are always high on a woman’s wish list. Bags for any occasion, of different sizes and materials, it’s all part of every woman’s fashion arsenal. As the fashion industry is still refusing to grant pockets, bags are the only way for us to carry stuff around. So, in a way it’s not so much by choice that we love our bags, it’s more out of necessity. Here’s a list of bags that are essentials.

The Daily Stalwart

A bag to take on your daily errands. It’s spacious, no fuss and no frills and it can take a bit of a beating. It could be a beautiful leather shoulder bag, a satchel or hobo bag. Go for practicality and durability in selecting your perfect daily bag. This is the bag where you put your important daily stuff, such as keys, driving license and wallet. In most cases, this bag will live hanging on a chair before it’s called upon to go on your daily routine with you. It’s also the bag that will become so attached to you that not feeling it on your shoulder or back will fill you with a mild panic.

Go Small

The daily errand bag is no good for going out, though. And this could be to go shopping, to go for dinner or to go clubbing. Whereas the daily errand bag was more freeform and what it contained could be randomly ordered, this specific bag requires meticulous planning. Not too big as it will be tricky to carry along, not too small so that it can at least contain the essentials. You want room for your make-up, phone, keys and wallet at the very least. A sling bag and quilted bag are great in providing space while maintaining a sense of chic. If those are too big, a clutch offers a great compact solution. And if that’s still too big, you can just opt to go for a wallet or wristlet.

Go Big

The opposite of going small is obviously going big. Let’s say you have an overnight stay somewhere, what do you bring? A suitcase might be overkill, and however short the stay is and however big the suitcase, you will always find a way to fill it completely. A better approach is to get a weekender, which is usually the perfect balance between style and functionality, with plenty of space to pack the essentials and a few changes of clothes. Click here to find a great weekender bag.

So there you have it, the bag essentials. A daily errand bag, spacious and practical. A selection of bags that become smaller (and chicer), carefully selected on function and capacity to hold stuff. Then there is the weekender bag, a great alternative to those pesky suitcases on wheels or trolley bags. With the denial of pockets, at least we have the chance to super style our bags.

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