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Are You Ready For A Kids' Halloween Party?

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With only a handful of days before Halloween, it’s fair to say that parents need to finally get ready for a child-friendly Halloween party. The typical Halloween party tends to be focused around going out and adult themes. As a parent, you need to be creative to create a Halloween-themed party for your kids and their friends. 
Why does it make sense to plan a house party? Depending on the weather, you may not be willing to spend a lot of time outside with the kids. Of course, everybody wants a treat or trick moment, but when it’s cold and raining outside, you need to make sure that kids can have fun safely indoors too. Additionally, the party is the perfect excuse for simple games and togetherness in the safety of your home. But how do you throw a last-minute Halloween party that keeps kids excited and entertained? Here are a few tips: 

A simple buffet to keep everyone happy
Planning food is the best part of the party. It’s also important to prepare healthy party food. You don’t want your children to eat only sweets on Halloween. Finger food is a favorite, as it’s easy to eat. A simple mini tacos buffet is a fantastic alternative, as you can let kids fill their tacos with their preferred ingredients. Mac & Cheese bombs are also a great idea. Everybody can enjoy a cheesy bite without the hassle of using forks and plates – it’s a great choice if the kids are playing at the same time. For your buffet, you ideally want simple carbs, such as freshly baked pretzels from, a selection of vegetables and proteins – either warm or cold – and plenty of yummy fruit juices and fresh water. You can prepare a healthy dessert, but be warned: The treat and trick sweets are likely to replace the pudding! 

Fun games for young and older kids
How do you keep kids entertained when it’s too cold to stay outdoors in their best costumes? You bring fun games indoors. For young children, a sensory mystery play, using shaving foam and a variety of small items can be a never-ending source of amusement. Do make sure to keep a few towels at the ready to clean messy hands! Older children will enjoy a more active mystery game, such as spy training, which involved a fun laser maze and a scavenger hunt through the house. 

Every party needs a makeup station
Every child loves to dress up. However, not every parent has time to develop their DIY skills. You can help enthusiastic kids to get a memorable Halloween picture by setting a makeup station within the home party. Help your kids’ friends to turn into cats, skeletons, or even cute little dolls, such as here You will need makeup products that are gentle on sensitive skin and easy to wash off. Avoid extensive transformations that require add-on lashes or contact lenses for young children. Teenagers, however, would be more comfortable wearing those. 

What makes the perfect Halloween party for kids? You need to cater for bad weather and therefore prepare activities they can play inside the house. A buffet that is easy to eat with fingers keeps the fun going, even when they’re busy running and playing around. And finally, make their dream costumes come true with simple makeup tips! 

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