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Halloween Mystery Play

Raylan and I absolutely love the holidays. No joke at all, we seriously go all out for Halloween and Christmas. We over decorate and do lots of fun crafts and activities leading up to the big day. I try to make the holidays for him as fun and memorable as I can because he’s only little once. While at the Dollar Tree the other day, I had a light bulb moment. Let’s do a Halloween Mystery Play! So here is what we did. 

Since The Dollar Tree is so awesome and cheap, I stocked up on plastic spiders, googly eyes, green glowing eyes, skull rings, Halloween balls and anything else that caught my eye that was Halloween related. I also had some popsicle sticks at home and I had the perfect use for them in mind.

I found a thrifted divided container that once was used as a fruit or veggie tray. I used each section to put different Halloween toys in. I filled both center containers full of shaving cream. 

Next, I had Raylan place several objects inside the shaving cream. 

He used the popsicle sticks to stir everything around. 

Then, he used his hands to explore all around in the shaving cream and see what objects were which. It was a guessing game when he was feeling around; since everything was covered in shaving cream 

So it was all one big fun Halloween Mystery. Raylan played and played until he was tired. He had so much fun finding out which Halloween Toys were which down in the shaving cream. He loves a good mystery, but he loves Halloween even more.

What Halloween activities are you doing with your kids this year? I encourage you to do this activity with your kids. They will have a fun activity that will keep them busy for a while.

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