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Tips To Make Baking Fun But Mess Free

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Baking can be fun but throw in a child or two in the mix, and you have every parent’s worst nightmare. However, it’s important to get your children cooking in the kitchen as it’s a basic life skill that will come in handy for them as they grow up. Here are some tips to make baking fun but mess-free.

Plan Ahead
With every successful event, a good plan is the reason for it. So when it comes to planning for the day ahead, know what you want to bake and have the ingredients all laid out and ready. That way, you don’t need to fuss about sorting it out while having to deal with an excited child who just wants to get stuck in. Try to stick to the one recipe, rather than having multiple ones and making it too much for you to handle. Apple pie cookies and cupcakes are a good basic to start off with, and as they learn, you can then start to do more complex ones. Remember that you still have the tidying up to do afterward, don’t create too much work for yourselves.

Set Some Rules
The reason why it gets messy in the kitchen is that kids have a mind of their own and that they’ll do whatever they want, even if they’re told not to. So it’s a good thing to set some rules prior to starting. Rules like not touching any knives and leaving certain steps to the adult to do. These rules will help them gain an understanding of how important it is to practice safety in the kitchen. Not only that, food hygiene is something that they need to know about, like washing their hands and not eating any raw dough, no matter how tasty it might look! Cleaning up the mess afterward should also be something that you do as a group. It’s important that these rules are obeyed so that you can all have fun without causing injury.

Take Your Time
Baking is fun, but it should take some time to go through a recipe. It also takes a lot of patience when it comes to the cooking aspect, as your child will likely want to eat it as soon as it comes out of the oven. Try to arrange some form of entertainment that can be done whilst waiting for the food to finish cooking. Baking together is a nice memory to have with your family, so relish in the process and enjoy it - even the washing up part of it.

Get Creative
Creativity is something you and your children can explore in the kitchen. Whether it’s experimenting with different ingredients or decorating the top of cupcakes. Try out cake cutters and different piping funnels to really get professional when it comes to your baking. This all helps build up your children’s skills for the future and it can help build parent’s skills too!

Baking can be fun when it’s done properly, and everything has been prepared prior to it. So do more of it!

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