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Becoming The Perfect Host This Holiday Season

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The holidays are here! The excitement at this time of year is infectious, and it’s the ideal opportunity to spend time celebrating with your friends and family. The holidays are a time to get together, and it’s wonderful to be able to open your home to guests and truly feel warmth in your home.

But hosting can be stressful, as we’ve all experienced for ourselves. Being able to host with no pressure or stress is important, and will make sure you get to enjoy the festivities too. Want to learn how to become the perfect host this holiday season? Take a look at the following tips

Get your home ready

If your home is usually inundated with visitors at this time of year, then you should work to get your home ready now. Preparing for Christmas in advance will help you stay in control, while also giving you time to fix or buy things if needed. 

You’ll want to start by having a declutter and clearing up some space in your home. Ensuring that you have enough seating will help you to accommodate as many guests as you can and make sure that everyone is happy and comfortable. You’ll also want to think about getting in enough food and drink ready to start entertaining. 

Getting your home ready now will pay off in a couple of weeks when you’re too busy for these types of chores, allowing you to enjoy yourself and not worry about your home or if you’re ready to welcome guests.

Stay on top of the cleaning

With all the coming and going of the holidays, your home will need regular cleaning to keep on top of things. One of the secrets of people who always have a clean house is that they clean for a bit every day to help stay on top of things. Having a list of tasks that you can do throughout the week will help you maintain a clean home that’s always ready to welcome people. Vacuuming regularly and keeping your surfaces clean are two simple things you can do to keep your house looking clean and neat.

Make dishes you can prepare easily

Food is a key part of entertaining, but you don’t want to spend the entire holidays in the kitchen making food for everyone else. Making dishes you know you can prepare easily will help, and means your guests will always be well fed. Finding recipes that can be frozen is always a winner, as well as simple batch-cook foods.

Some easy crowd-pleasers include finger foods and snacks. This recipe for the best pupusas is a great go-to that guests will love. Get busy making food ahead of time so that when your house is filled with people, you don’t have to go to any extra effort. 

Think about the perfect playlist

Music can make any occasion, and helps set the atmosphere for whatever type of party you’re planning. With Spotify or Apple Music, it’s really easy to create playlists that you can put on and kick your party into gear. A playlist of top Christmas songs, classic tracks and some from the latest chart hits will be a good crowd-pleaser, and the perfect soundtrack to get you into the festive spirit. The great thing about streaming services is that there are plenty of ready-made playlists available that can help you out if you’re stuck for time or need to make a quick change.

Remember to enjoy yourself

One of the most important things to remember about hosting over the holidays is to enjoy yourself! You can spend too much time making sure that everyone else is happy, fed and entertained that you forget to have fun yourself! By preparing as much as you can, you will have little to do on the day, which means you can relax and have fun with everyone else. It’s a good tip to tell guests to help themselves to food and drink, and will mean you won’t have to rush around after everyone. Worry about any mess and clean up later; it’s more important that you take time to enjoy the festivities!

Hosting is a great way to make your house feel more homely, and it can be warming to welcome guests into your home. Learning to host without losing your mind takes practice, but you’ll get there. From intimate dinner parties to drinks with your friends and neighbors, you’ll find plenty of great opportunities to host this holiday season. Start your preparations now and be prepared to open your home with open arms this Christmas.

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