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How to Style Non-Christmas Colors for Christmas Photos

When planning for this year’s Christmas Photos, I knew I wanted to do something non-traditional. I wanted to do something different instead of your basic red and green Christmas colors. Every year for Christmas, my family has always done our Christmas photos in red and green. I wanted this year to be the exception. It was time to change things up. 

I wanted to do more earth tones. Something that would still look like Christmas but that could be framed above my mantle and not look like Christmas all year around. 

The Fall and Christmas seasons are my favorite so I combined the two on our Christmas photos. 

My husband Justin dressed in a navy and white plaid button up with khaki dress pants. 

My son Raylan dressed in a solid blue long sleeved shirt with speckles of white in it. He wore khakis as well. 

I opted for a cranberry dress with a white scarf to accent the whites in Justin and Raylan’s attire. Raylan and I also wore black shoes while Justin wore brown shoes. 

I must say that I was a little hesitant as to how our photos would turn out using Non- Christmas colors, but now that I have seen them I am absolutely in love! There are 5 steps to wearing Non-Christmas colors for Christmas Photos. 

1) Select a main color such as this Cranberry Dress that can be used as a Fall or Christmas Photo
2) Select a Neutral Tone to go along with the Dress such as the Black Tights and Booties
3) Select a Complimentary Color that will Compliment your main color such as the Navy in my husband and son's shirts.
4) Select a different shade which would be the khakis that pair with the Navy.
5) If you have two of the same colors such as the navy, make sure that both are not solid colors. One should be flannel or stripes so that there is some variation in the photo.

I'm so glad that I decided to jump out on a limb and changed up our Christmas photos this year. I'm very pleased with how they turned out. They are my favorite Christmas Photos to date! I would like to thank our Photographer Jennifer Howell from JennyLynn's Photography. She is absolutely Amazing!

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