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11 Ways to Save Money in the New Year

With it being the New Year, comes New Resolutions. For our family, it wasn't really a resolution but  to be better at saving money. We were so tired of living paycheck to paycheck. We were also tired of not having the extra money if an emergency arose. So our little family set out to become better at saving money. Here are 11 Ways that we are saving money in the New Year.

  1. Have a no spend month
  2. If you do need to spend on yourself, allow yourself only a small amount to spend. Ex. I only allow myself $10 to $20 per paycheck to spend on myself for things like makeup, nail polish or thrift store finds.
  3. Eat more meals at home.
  4. Fix meals that will allow for leftovers such as soups and chili's. This will cut down on the cooking and especially the grocery bill.
  5. If you must eat out, grab things like pizza and such that will last for seconds instead of dining out at expensive restaurants. The dollar menu is also a good idea if you're looking for something quick while you're on the run.
  6. Don't be afraid to use mobile apps to save money when going through the Drive Thru.
  7. Visit with family and friends during the weekend or spend the weekend in instead of going out. This is a good way to keep from being tempted to spend money.
  8. Use Fetch Rewards to scan all grocery receipts. You get gift cards in exchange after you have reached a certain amount of points from your scanned receipts. Don't forget to use Rakuten formally known as Ebates to get cash back when making online purchases.
  9. Use digital coupons for places like Dollar General and Family Dollar to save money.
  10. Engage in more of your hobbies instead of spending money.
  11. Cancel unwanted and unused subscriptions such a hulu and things that are rarely used. Surprisingly, this will save a good amount of money.

These 11 tips have already made a huge difference in Saving Money for our family and I know they will help your family as well.

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