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Cozy Brick Sherpa Pullover

It’s winter, it’s cold and I need all things warm and cozy. If I’m cozy then I’m comfy and I’m in my happy place. January seems like the longest month ever. It’s actually quiet depressing, so I need things that bring me warmth and happiness. That’s where this gorgeous Brick Sherpa Pullover comes into play. 

If you don’t own a Sherpa, do yourself a favor and buy one. You won’t regret it!

This Brick Sherpa is cozy and the color is absolutely beautiful. It’s a cheerful color that is sure to brighten up your winter blues. 

And speaking of blues, I paired it with dark Jeggings  and I think the combo pairs perfectly together. 

Add in a cute pair of ankle boots and you have yourself a darling little outfit.

This is the perfect winter outfit. You certainly won’t be freezing anytime soon in this Brick Pullover. it’s perfect for cold winter days, work attire, date nights and even to wear on Valentine’s Day. The style possibilities are endless when it comes to this gorgeous fashion staple. Right now you can score this Sherpa on sale for $20 at Bloomtique. Hurry before the sale ends!

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