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Instant Pot: Italian Chicken, Potatoes & Green Beans

You’ve seen my many posts about my love for my Instant Pot, but I’m going to mention  it again. I absolutely love my Instant Pot! If you don’t have one, go do yourself a favor and buy one. It will seriously be the best investment you will ever make for your kitchen. It makes life so much more simple. Over the weekend, I made this delicious meal of Italian Chicken, Potatoes & Green Beans and it was done in 14 minutes. It was also mighty tasty. 

Ingredients You Will Need:
1 lb Boneless Chicken Breast
1 small bag of Red Potatoes
1 can of Green Beans
1 cup of Water
2 Packets of Dry Italian Seasoning 

 Cooking Method:
Season chicken breasts with one packet of Italian Seasoning mix and place on bottom of Instant Pot. Next, dice up red potatoes and add on top of chicken breasts. Top with drained green beans. Sprinkle the second packet of Italian Seasoning mix on top of green beans. Add in 1 cup of water and stir everything up, so that seasoning mix is well dispersed. 

Place the top on the instant pot. Make sure that the steam release valve is set to sealing and not venting. Cook using the manual setting. Set the cook time for 14 minutes. 

Once timer has went off, allow the instant pot to naturally release.

Let cool and enjoy a delicious quick one pot meal. You have a flavorful meal that is done in 14 minutes. You spend more time enjoying your meal with your family than preparing it and that is what we want. Less time in the kitchen and more time making memories. 


  1. Natural release how long?! Manual?! Pressure cook high? Please don’t assume people understand generalizations. Thanks.

    1. If you read your instant pot manual you would know what these terms mean.

    2. I got my instant pot from my deceased grandmother I don’t have a manual. I agree that it should have more detail in this recipe.

  2. I got the burn notice before it even finishes preheating

  3. Agreed, I have cooked many times with my Instant Pot and still want more details in a recipe...

  4. Italian seasoning usually comes in jars. How many tsp or tbsp is this? Or do you mean the Italian Dressing Mix? Please be specific about your ingredients and recipe instructions and don’t assume people know what you’re talking about. Dummy down the recipe to avoid confusion.