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The Fight With The Food: Getting Our Children To Be More Adventurous With Their Eating

One of the most infuriating aspects of parenting is getting our children to eat well. Sometimes we can get so frustrated that it feels like it's better for our sanity to give them what they want (which is usually processed garbage). When we are trying to get our children to be more adventurous with their food, we have to remember that it's not necessarily about force-feeding them but we've got to find certain tactics to get them interested on another level. What are the ways we can do this?

Exposing Them To Different Cultures
Even being in a different environment can help our children to become more acquainted with certain foods. While you may not traditionally have Chinese food at home, even if you try to make a delicious Chinese meal, because the children are at home they may feel more confident in turning their nose up at it. Exposing them to different cultures is a long journey of getting them acquainted with food but by contacting or another Chinese restaurant, you may be able to get some recommendations of the types of foods that children tend to eat there. It may not be a sumptuous Chinese meal that they choose, but it will be certainly heading in the right direction.

Getting Them Involved In Cooking
Getting our children involved in baking or other aspects of making food gives them more of a sensory involvement with what they are going to eat. Rather than putting food in front of our children and expecting them to eat because “it's good for them,” by giving them ownership over the food, it gives them that investment in the final product. It also gives them the opportunity to be more creative and make things that appeal to them. Making something like jewelry from pasta is a way to make the plate more colorful and vibrant.

Focus On The Senses
We smell an item of food and then we decide whether we like it or not; at least this is the case with picky children. When our children have already decided they don't like something before eating, it is about making the dish more scintillating. When you think back to your own childhood, perhaps your parents were always cooking something and the house smelled of delicious pot roast or there was soup on the go. Try to bring this sensation back.

When we have incredibly picky eaters we have to disguise the good stuff. If you look at there are some interesting ways to make unhealthy food healthy. It's about playing with our children's perception of what they're eating. For many children, as soon as they find out that there is some sort of vegetable in the dish, they will decide that they don't like it. But you can make pasta sauces with blitzed vegetables, and turn sweet potatoes into healthy versions of French fries. If we are to get our children to be more adventurous with their food we've got to bend the rules somewhat.

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