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Weekly Cleaning Schedule

Let's be honest, I have never been much of a house cleaner. I mean my house isn't filthy, but it's certainly not spotless either. I have just always put other things before cleaning, especially spending time with my son and let's not forget Netflix. If cleaning and organizing isn't simple, then it usually doesn't get done. However, I became fed up with my habits and knew something needed to change. I was wearing myself out when I did clean, because I was trying to do everything at one time. I sat down and came up with a Weekly Cleaning Schedule. A schedule that I knew I could stick with and wouldn't wear myself out. I printed it out and stuck it on my fridge.  I  do better when I have a printable paper schedule because I see it every day and remind myself to clean. If it's saved to my phone photos, it is easy to overlook it and forget to do it. This schedule has helped me tremendously. I feel so much better that my house is staying cleaner and more organized. I'm not spending hours cleaning only for it to be a mess again the next day. By cleaning a small amount each day, my house has stayed much more cleaner and I have time to enjoy my family and enjoy doing other things too.  This weekly schedule has made my life so much easier and I know it will yours too. It's simple and not too overwhelming for procrastinators like myself.  I hope this helps you. Happy Cleaning!


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