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Delectable (and Easy!) Desserts For Any Occasion

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We all have those signature bakes we love to present at any gathering: church potlucks, baby showers, Mother’s Day cookouts. Gorgeous red velvet cakes, lemon pie piled high with meringue, chewy, fudgy brownies...all those stand-bys are still great as ever, and guaranteed crowd-pleasers. But sometimes you just need something with a little more...oomph. Something that’s as impressive and gorgeous to the eye as it is mouth-watering. 

We’ve got a few ideas for a delicious, beautiful dessert to grace your table, no matter the occasion!
Here’s one magnificent dessert that is every bit as easy as it is jaw-dropping. Called by a variety of different names, including dump cake, fruit crunch, or poor man’s cobbler, this rich, decadent and velvety dessert is anything but poor. Dump cakes are similar to cobbler, but with a sweet twist: instead of your usual biscuit-style batter, these are made with cake mix! This makes it a truly convenient dessert but one that doesn’t skimp on taste (or presentation). We prefer to use cherries, as they are so unbelievably scrumptious, but you can use literally ANY fruit you choose. Play around with different cake mixes, too, to find the combo that you love. Your guests will dig in while it’s still steaming. Don’t forget the whipped cream or ice cream!
If you’re looking to bake up something a little more advanced, this coffee cake recipe might be just the ticket. With just a few simple ingredients, this beloved cake is a favorite. Sour cream coffee cake is perfect for a coffee date or after Sunday School refreshment. Light and yet somehow still rich, and bursting with flavor, it’s a snap to make and stores well (that is, if there’s any leftovers at all). 
If you want to do something a little different than your typical pies, cobblers and cakes, why not try a bar? Cookie and cake bars have been all the rage for the last few years, with more varieties and customizations than you can shake a stick at. Everything from rocky road to pecan pie bars, to our personal favorite, birthday cake bars. These are a great alternative to the traditional birthday cake, whether it’s for that friend who hates cake (sacrilege!) or for a school party. Chewy with light, airy frosting and brightly colored sprinkles, these bars are festive and fun. 
Not a fan of sweets? Forego your usual sugary baking and make a savory treat that will have everyone reaching for seconds. Cheese straws are an old stand-by that have recently made a comeback, but with an added bonus: people have begun to customize this tried-and-true recipe, adding different cheeses and spices to make truly unique, and always delicious combinations. Instead of the usual cheddar and paprika, why not try parmesan and basil? Or swiss and thyme? No matter what cheese and spice combo you use, cheese straws are buttery, crisp and always delicious.

These are just a few suggestions for amazing baked goods that you can whip up in no time flat for that Church social, Wednesday night book club or work potluck. Enjoy!

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