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Taking Care Of Yourself When You Are A New Mom

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Having a baby is a joyful experience. Bringing a new life into the world is a beautiful thing to do. However, as a new mother, you will be giving so much of yourself to your new baby that it can really take it out of you in so many ways. Taking care of yourself may be something that ends up getting pushed aside in favor of giving all of your love and attention to your baby. It is important to remember that in order to give your baby the best care possible, you need to be healthy and happy. 

It can be physically draining to have to deal with a non-stop routine of broken sleep, breastfeeding, and having to wash and change your baby repeatedly throughout the day. You may at times feel as though your life is not your own and it can bring about depression. 

Here are some ways that you can ensure you are able to give the best care to your baby by looking after yourself. 

Looking After Your Nutritional Needs

Getting the right balance in your diet is essential when you are a new mom. You may have some postpartum weight. It is very common to hold onto a few pounds of pregnancy weight. But before you rush to jump onto a diet, you should consider a healthy breastfeeding weight loss plan so that you ensure you are getting all of the right nutrients for your baby as well as the additional calories needed. 

You should be aiming to get around 330 additional calories in your diet when you are breastfeeding. Your diet should include a mix of nutrients and should have plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables, beans and pulses, wholewheat bread and pasta, as well as a small amount of dairy or calcium-fortified alternatives. 

Taking Care Of Your Mental Health 

One of the biggest health struggles that new moms face is depression and anxiety. Many people have the assumption that giving birth fills a new mother with joy, but the reality of taking care of a baby constantly and changing so many of your life routines can be tough. 

Feeling disconnected is a big issue that many face. You may not be able to get out and see friends and family quite as much as you like, and this leads to isolation. If you have had to put interests or your social life on hold while your baby is still very young, this can be very tough and it can lead you to lose a sense of who you are. 

It can be hard to spot these complex emotions creeping in, not least because you will be so busy thinking about your baby. But it is important to try and spot the signs early and take proactive measures to help yourself. 

Join mother and baby groups and start building a social circle around parenting. Reach out to friends and family and tell them how you feel, try and pick up new hobbies that you can do around your new lifestyle, and if you are struggling, speak with your doctor about antenatal depression.

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