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The Five Most Difficult Things About Owning A Dog

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Owning a dog is the best thing in the world, you have a loyal friend for as long as they live. However, it can also come with its challenges at times, here are five things people might not have mentioned when they told you that getting a dog would be awesome. 

During the puppy stage your dog is at peak cuteness, everything is new and novel and it’s such an exciting time. Playing with your little pooch, spending time with them, snapping a thousand photos every day and soaking up every moment- for the most part, it’s magical! However, the puppy phase can also be really demanding and difficult. Just like a human baby, your puppy is likely to cry through the night in the beginning meaning you have to get up and comfort them or let them out, and we all know how difficult life is when you’ve had a broken night’s sleep. You also have to train them, from toilet training (which might ruin your house) to teaching them not to chew your stuff to teaching them basic commands. It requires such a lot of hard work and dedication, even if you were properly prepared to bring a puppy into your life it still might surprise you just how hard it all is. 

Ongoing behavior issues
Unfortunately, outside of the puppy stage as your dog gets older they may develop behaviour issues. This can be things like continuing to toilet in the house, barking or aggression on walks, separation anxiety or jumping up. The longer these things go on the more difficult they can become to correct, and it can cause a lot of stress when you just want to bond with your dog and live harmoniously but their behaviour prevents this. Your best bet is to speak to your vet and a behaviour specialist and work out a plan of action. It can be expensive, but leave things as they are and they’re never likely to change and may continue getting worse. Sometimes changes like having male dogs neutered and going on longer walks can alleviate some issues. Other times, one on one work with a dog trainer is needed for them to show you what to do.

Leaving them when you go on holiday
One of the most difficult things about owning a dog is having to leave them in kennels when you go on holiday or on trips throughout the year. While kennels will keep your dog safe, sheltered and fed, they’re never the nicest of environments and some dogs can get quite stressed. However, unless you have friends or family willing to look after them then it’s the only real option, and in turn it can lead to stress for you when you’re away. 

Health issues
Just like humans, dogs can experience a range of health issues. From cancers to hip and joint issues, eye problems, dental pain, diabetes and much more. Keeping your dog fit and healthy is important as a dog owner, you’ll need to ensure they have annual booster vaccinations and at least annual vet check ups. You’ll need to give them the correct flea and worm treatments, keep their skin and coat in good condition and make sure they have the right food for their size, age and health conditions. Getting health insurance is absolutely crucial for dog owners, if an accident or illness ends up requiring surgery then this can leave you thousands of pounds out of pocket. Having an insurance policy means that you’re covered and just have that peace of mind in case something goes wrong. 

Saying goodbye
Finally, the hardest part of owning a dog is always the goodbye. Dogs are such loyal friends to us, they even become like our own children. They’re always happy to see us, always there for us when we feel down, they bring us so much laughter and joy. And so when the time comes for them to pass, it can obviously leave a huge hole in our lives. It’s a kind of grief that no one can really prepare you for, and anyone that shrugs and says it’s ‘just a dog’ has clearly never owned one. Dogs can live for many years, but compared with us their lives are short and so when you bring home that bouncing puppy, it’s sad to think that you will have to say goodbye one day. Give yourself time to grieve when this happens, take time off work too if you need to. You can buy memorial keepsake jewelry and perhaps set up a memorial area of your garden where you can go to remember them in peaceful times. Don’t let the sadness of your passing pet put you off getting another when the time is right- you’re not replacing them, simply freeing up space in your heart to give another dog a wonderful life, 

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