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Farmhouse Foam Dice Tutorial

I am currently loving all things Farmhouse. I have been trying to add farmhouse touches to my house little by little. Now that I have a lot of time on my hands due to social distancing, I have been adding even more farmhouse touches to my home. I like to craft and make my own things, so I present to you this Farmhouse Foam Dice Tutorial.
It's a very inexpensive craft that will add a beautiful touch of Farmhouse to your home.

I purchased 2 packs of the foam dice from The Dollar Tree. Each package has 2 pieces inside. I also purchased white and silver metallic acrylic craft paint from Dollar General.
I also purchased these peel and stick poster letters from Family Dollar since I do not own a Cricut. 

Now for the tutorial: Apply 1 coat of white acrylic paint and let dry. Repeat this until desired shade of white is achieved. It took me a total of 3 coats. Once paint is completely dried with desired shade, slightly brush corners of dice with silver metallic paint. You barely want to dab your paint brush in the paint. It doesn't take much paint at all to get the desired distressed look that you want. After I dabbed a little paint on the corners, I would slightly swipe the paint brush across the front of the dice from each corner. Like I said, you just need a little drop of the silver paint. After I achieved the desired amount of silver that I wanted and was happy with the distressed farmhouse look; I allowed the paint to dry for finishing touches. Once paint on each dice cube is completely dry,I added peel and stick letters to each cube. I chose the word PRAY. I chose pray because prayer is a very big part of my life and it's a perfect reminder especially now with everything going on in the world that we all need to PRAY.

I love how it turned out! These Farmhouse Dice gave my house the perfect Farmhouse look that I was trying to achieve. It matches all of my decor. Eventually,  I may add letters to the other side to say Home or Love, but for now I have Pray. If you're looking for an easy craft to keep you busy while social distancing, this is the perfect craft for you. Don't forget to PRAY for our world.

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