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Take The Trip Graphic Tee

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When I first saw this Take The Trip Graphic Tee by Cents of Style, I knew I had to have it. I am an adventure seeker, so the tee was a must have for me. Even with all that is going on in the world right now, I still wanted this Take The Trip Shirt.

Even though social distancing is a must right now and travel is almost non-existent, this tee was a perfect reminder for me.

It's a reminder that once the threat of the Coronavirus goes away, we need to take time to enjoy life. These last few days have definitely been an eye opener for me. I have learned to never take life for granted.

I have also learned that your whole world can come to a complete halt in just a matter of hours. Everyone's world has been turned upside down lately, and it's a new normal that we are having to practice.

I truly believe that God is trying to show everyone to stop being so busy, to make time for him and our families. I also believe that God is trying to open our eyes to more things to come. God wants us to fully rely on him and trust him through the storms of life.

So I have learned that work and social media is not nearly as important as God and Family Time. I have learned to be more present with God and especially my son. I have learned to slow down during this time and just enjoy life one day at a time. Before I would worry about taking a trip due to finances or things that I had to get done. I will no longer do that anymore. Once things get back to normal, I will most definitely be Taking the Trip. Memories are far more important that materialistic things and everything else can wait. 

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