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The Popularity of Indian Food In The U.S

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If you are looking for something fun to do with your friends on the weekend then you should consider going out for a bite to eat. Restaurants provide the perfect settings for individuals to enjoy some quality time with those who are close to them. After all, you get to catch up with the ones that you love and you can have a good gossip about everything that has been going on lately. This is something which is very difficult when going elsewhere because for example nightclubs are too loud and cinemas are too quite. In addition to this, you get to enjoy some fantastic food, and who doesn’t love great food?

When deciding where to go there are some fantastic restaurants in the US. You can select between the following cuisines; Chinese, Mexican, British, Italian, American, Caribbean, Japanese, Indian and more. The latter choice – Indian cuisine – is something which is very popular at the moment in the US. Jalfrezi and Chicken Tikka Masala are two Indian dishes which are considered favourites throughout the country. So, if you have not been to one of the Indian restaurants that are available in your area, then you should certainly consider doing so. Of course, while we’re in lockdown, though, you’re going to have to settle for making it yourself. Making chicken saag at home is a lot of fun, and so I’d recommend starting with this!

A lot of individuals think that Indian food simply relates to curries. Whilst curry does make up a large proportion of the dishes on offer, there is a lot more to the menu then merely that. There are some succulent marinades which are great for grilled dishes; there is also an array of vegetarian dishes, as well as this there is a selection of fantastic starters including the likes of onion bhajis, poppadoms, mango chutney, raita, and much, much more. 

Why Indian restaurants are so popular is because of several reasons. Of course, the main factor is that the food is fantastic. Nevertheless, in addition to this, they provide a fantastic evening for friends because they are full of intrigue and interest. This is because you are experiencing a different culture and thus this gives you something to talk about. 

The best restaurants will have Indian art and adornments displayed around the venue. You can have a look at this and get a taste for the history of the culture. Moreover, the staff should be able to provide you with some knowledge regarding where the dishes originated from and alike. All of this comes together in order to give you a full dining experience. This is the difference between spending a night out and simply going for a quick bite to eat. 

If you are looking for something to do with your friends, then you should certainly suggest going to one of the many Indian restaurants. This will provide you with the perfect chance to catch up with those close to you, as well as indulge in some fantastic food, and embrace a new and exciting culture which you may not know much about.

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