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Easter Twist Knot Tunic

I can't believe that it's almost Easter, can you? Even though time seems to be standing still with all that's currently going on, I can assure you that time still flies by fast. Christmas was here and then I blinked and now it is almost Easter.  With the Coronavirus and having to stay home, now is the time to really stop to smell the flowers and enjoy Easter since we actually have the time.

This is certainly going to be a different Easter this year. This will be the second time in my life that I can recall not being able to go to church on Easter Sunday. But I'm not letting the devil or this virus steal my joy.

In fact, I have been celebrating Easter all week. I've been reading my bible and my daily devotionals. Raylan and I have been doing Easter crafts. I have also been wearing my Easter Fashion this week, even if I didn't have anywhere to go.

Like my necklace says, Faith as small as a mustard seed can move mountains. I truly believe that all of this is a test of our faith. God is wanting us to rely on him and use this time at home with our families to get closer to him. He is allowing us to be able to slow down and enjoy time with him and the simple things in life.

and when the time is right, God will move this mountain and the virus will be gone. But until then, we must praise him in this storm.

So don't let your hearts be troubled, trust in God. Don't let the devil steal Easter from you or your joy. This will be a very different Easter, but Jesus is still the same. He hasn't changed at all. Just because we can't go to church this Easter Sunday, doesn't mean we still can't praise the Lord. Watch an Easter Church Service online with your family, read your bible, hide eggs in your yard for the kids, cook a nice dinner, and take a family photo in your Easter best. Make the best of the circumstances and spend time with God and your loved ones at home.

How adorable is this Easter Twist Knot Tunic? I found it on amazon before all of this virus started. I knew it would be perfect for Easter and for Spring. I may or may not be wearing this on Easter Sunday even if I am sitting at home with my family. I'm still going to dress up and celebrate Jesus and Easter just like I always do.

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  1. Love the colors of your outfit! Perfect for spring and Easter. And that top looks so cozy!


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