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Fun Indoor Game Ideas for Quarantined Families

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No matter your age or family set up, lately you’ve probably been running out of ideas of things to do, as you live that quarantine life because of the global COVID-19 pandemic. You might be juggling homeschooling with working from home, and everything else that comes along with family life. But for young children, some of the best distractions are invariably games. Some of the best games are lightly structured ways to help to channel aggression, creativity, or use up some energy! 

The key thing for parents is to have some go-to games to choose, for those moments when you just need some peace or for siblings to get along. At the end of the day, games can kill time, and when you’re home all day, there is a lot of time. Even some pranks like the April Fools pranks from The Art of Doing Stuff could be a fun thing to plan out, if you’re feeling in the mood. So here are some fun games to have in your arsenal during this quarantine time. 

  • Balloon Tennis: it is a fun way to play, but without having to set up a court or needing a bat and ball. All you need is one balloon, and two teams. Mark out where the line will be, and then take turns hitting the balloons over, making sure that it doesn’t touch the ground. If it doesn’t make it over the line (balloons sometimes have a mind of their own), or it touches the ground, then the other team gets a point.

  • The Camouflage Game: Think of this game as a kind of hide-and-seek game for indoors. This may not be ideal for small apartments but otherwise it is a good choice for multi-child families. The counter should set themself a timer, and if they can’t find everyone within that time, then they lose points. 

  • Gladiators: you will need a few things to prep this, like swimming pool noodles that can be used as batons or mitts, but it can be a fun way for the children to get some energy out, especially if you are a mom of boys! They take turns doing different ‘battles’ but in a fun way, and you could give out points for different things.

  • Car wash: if you have a lot of car toys, then why not get the kids out in the yard and then they could do a car wash for all of the toys? It serves a practical purpose, but also serves up a lot of fun. You could also turn it into a spa or salon if you have a lot of dolls or Barbies that need to have a bath or a hair wash.

  • The Copycat Game: this is a game that is a bit like a version of ‘follow the leader’ but aimed at younger children, it can help with their motor skills. As the name suggests, what you are doing is getting the engaged in an activity or moving, and get them to follow what you’re doing (or what another person is doing). 

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