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High Five For Friday

Welcome to the weekly High Five For Friday link-up hosted by Tif @ Bright On A Budget, Becky @ BYBMGand myself. We're glad you're here! High Five for Friday is where we come together to share five highlights or five favorite things from the past week eacFriday.
I know these past few weeks have been so rough and trying on everyone due to the Coronavirus, but I’m still trying to make the best of the situation and find enjoyment in the simple things while practicing social distancing. Here are my favorites from this past week.

1) We had a wonderful and blessed Easter. Our little family watched an online church service, had a nice home cooked Turkey dinner, and Raylan found all kinds of eggs in the yard. Of course, he was overly pleased with what the Easter bunny left him. Easter was very different this year. However it was still wonderful and we are still very blessed. I have learned that you have to make the best of any situation.

2) This was my Good Friday painting. I'm so thankful Jesus died on the cross for our sins and rose again on that blessed  Easter Sunday.

3) Raylan's sweet Sunday School teacher fixed up him and his classmates a craft and goody bag to occupy their time. We love, appreciate and miss our little church family so much! We are so thankful for them.

4) No matter how dark and gloomy things may be, brighter days are coming. We just have to hold onto God's promises and keep the faith. My beautiful yellow tulip bloomed on Easter Morning. It's a promise of God's love and that everything is going to be okay.

5) I received the sweetest and best blessing that I could ever get in the mail this week. It means the world to me knowing that someone is praying and claiming a blessing over my family and I. Prayer is the best thing anyone could ever do for someone.

Thanks for linking up with us! Stay safe everyone and have a blessed weekend!

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