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Spring Fashion Trends You Can Wear on Lockdown

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Spring is here and dreams of picnics at the park in our most gorgeous floral dresses have had to be put on hold as the world goes into lockdown to combat COVID-19. Fortunately, there’s still lots of spring fashion fun you can have without even stepping your foot out the door! Join us as we share five easy fashion trends that you can embrace to celebrate spring at home.

1. Floral Rompers

A cross between a jumpsuit and a mini-dress, a cute and trendy romper is your ideal companion for cleaning, baking, and even training the dog. A springtime favorite, rompers come in bright, cheery colors and prints that can give you a lift when you’re feeling down. They look great on Instagram, too! 

To style your romper, simply slip on a pair of comfortable sandals or flats, add a light jacket or cardigan for those cool spring mornings, and enjoy the fashionable comfort of this gorgeous and feminine garment. The best part? You can still wear your romper once the lockdowns and quarantines are over!

2. Cool Streetwear

Are flowers and ruffles not your style? Try some attitude-filled streetwear to give your lockdown outfits a fashion edge. Tees with slogans, effortless high-waisted pants, and a little touch of sparkle with glamor patchwork sleeves provide the comfort you need with a good dose of personality. Style your streetwear in seconds with a chunky necklace and sun-friendly hat. After all, we all need to get some sunlight—even if we’re only going to the yard, a stroll down the street, or hanging out on the balcony instead of the beach.

3. Short Shorts

Ok, so if you’re not going out in public, make the most of the chance to enjoy a little sun through the window (10 minutes, twice a day is plenty) with some shorty shorts and a cute singlet. This popular spring fashion trend is a cinch to put together and comes with two added benefits: You’ll remember to shave your legs and get motivated to keep up that exercise routine to stay fit and lean while you’re spending your days at home. 

4. Hair and Accessories

Being at home means more family time (unless you live alone) and more time to work on yourself. The extra home-time is a great opportunity for you and your loved ones to learn a new skill. Rather than spend the entire day in your pajamas with unbrushed hair, embrace the opportunity to get creative with online courses. 

Take up painting, complete a DIY home improvement project, or learn how to achieve a new hair, makeup, and eyelash extensionlook that you couldn’t do before. You can practice your skills on a family member or sit in front of a mirror and get ready to wow the world on social media or when we all eventually emerge from isolation. 

5. Take Care of Yourself 

The final advice on our list of spring fashion trends is simply to take care of yourself. Make your bed, take a shower, improve your fitness level, and eat as healthily as you possibly can. Read a book, talk to your loved ones, and find new ways to destress. Every action—no matter how small—will help you to stay positive, strong, and ready to be of service to others.


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