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Getting Your Foodie Fix During Lockdown

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Coronavirus has impacted all of our lives in more ways than we probably even realise. We know about the tragic death toll and health issues many are experiencing, we know about the financial implications it’s had for us and the economy as a whole. But one of the main things that have made the entire thing more difficult has been our loss of freedoms. Of course, lockdown and quarantine measures are most definitely a good thing and help to keep us safe, but it can still be a difficult pill to swallow knowing we have a whole summer ahead of us without being able to do the activities we enjoy. All we can do is follow the rules and try and make the most of things, and as a foodie this can mean enjoying delicious dinners with members of your household. As the weather continues to improve, getting outside more can make everyone feel better, and there are a few different ways we can serve up lunches and dinners to keep things more interesting. Here are some ideas!

One of the first thing us foodies like to do when the sun comes out is fire up the grill, and even with lockdown restrictions in place it’s something we’re able to do. You can buy high quality meats from sites like, or just check out what selection the grocery store has to offer. Don’t forget to add extras like veggie skewers and side dishes like pastas and salads. You can go all out on a warm day with the people you live with and enjoy a fun filled, delicious barbeque. Get the drinks flowing, turn on the music and pretend like everything is normal!

In some parts of the world, lockdown restrictions have been eased slightly meaning now it’s allowed for you to go to a park, sunbathe and have a picnic (providing you’re keeping distance from anyone who doesnt live with you). Pinterest has lots of recipe ideas for interesting sandwiches, pastries, salads and sweet treats so it can be really delicious and a nice way to spend time outdoors. You could go to a local park or drive to a scenic area of beauty if you’re allowed. If not, you could always have a picnic in your own back garden. Lay down a picnic blanket on the lawn and use your picnic set to make it more authentic!

Afternoon tea
Is someone in your household having a birthday during lockdown? If so, an afternoon tea could be a nice way to commemorate the occasion and make things feel a little more special. Decorate your garden table in a pretty tablecloth and some flowers in mason jars, and serve finger sandwiches, dainty pastries and cakes on tiered cake stands and tea in mismatched china cups. Add a bottle of champagne or prosecco if you want to go a step further with the celebrations.

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