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Quarantine Graduation Party

The Coronavirus has made graduation so hard on everyone, especially the seniors. I am especially thankful that my son is only a Kindergarten graduate during a time like this. However, every graduate deserves to be celebrated for all of  their hard work. So a Quarantine Graduation Party is exactly what  we did for out little Kindergarten graduate.

Raylan had a nice surprise when he woke up yesterday morning. He woke up to a huge
Congratulations Class of 2020 banner spread out in the kitchen.


He had three of these Congrats Grad hanging decorations that I had throughout the house and even one hanging on the outside of the door.

I also sat out a Congrats Grad paper lantern and table topper.

Raylan also had a little slap bracelet Class of 2020 gift waiting on him. It was too cute for me to pass up when I saw it at Walmart. Raylan has been proudly wearing it to let us know that he is indeed a Kindergarten graduate.

Raylan was also surprised to find a Congrats Grad sign out in the yard.

I also took the time to bake Raylan a little cake to make the celebration even sweeter. It has been forever since I have baked and decorated a cake. My cake decorating skills are a little rusty, but I don't think I did too bad. We also got Raylan his favorite Mexican Takeout from our local Tres Hermanos Mexican restaurant.

After all of the eating and celebrating was over, Justin and I asked Raylan how he wanted to spend the rest of the day. He said that he wanted to go riding on the side by side and explore nature. So that's exactly what we did.

While exploring we found a nice little water hole that Raylan just had to sit down, splash and cool off for a bit.  He got completely soaked and had an absolute  blast.

Last but certainly not least, we saw some beautiful cows and baby calves. It was such a good day!

When I asked Raylan how his graduation celebration day went, his reply was that it was the best day ever and that he had so much fun. He kept thanking Justin and I for such a fun day.

So if you're wondering how you can celebrate the graduate in your life while social distancing, you can use some of the things we did for ideas. You don't have to do anything extravagant; a simple celebration will do. Anything to show you are proud of them and appreciate all of their hard work will bring joy to their heart. Just a little effort goes a long way. All graduates big and small need to feel appreciated for their hard work, especially now more than ever during Quarantine.

*All decorations came from Wal-mart.

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