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The Best Organic Beauty Products for Mom

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Now more than ever, it's essential to take care of yourself. Every mom deserves time for self-care so that she can decompress and center herself. Even with the whole family at home and everyone clamoring for your attention, don't feel bad about taking an hour or two for yourself. It will keep you mentally and physically healthy. Better still, you can care for yourself with organic beauty products, which are safe for everyone.

A Little Bit of All-Natural Lipstick

Let's start off with something every mom needs: the perfect lipstick. Sometimes, that's all you need to feel refreshed. The kiddos might be fussy and you could be wearing mismatched socks, but swipe on a shade of lipstick that you absolutely love, and you'll feel—and look—like a million dollars.
Of course, there are dozens of brands out there, so now it comes down to making the right choice. Many moms prefer going the organic or vegan route, which is perfectly understandable. Organic and vegan lipsticks are safer for you to wear because they don't have parabens, phthalates, or any other questionable ingredients. What's even more important is that organic lipstick is safer for your baby, too. You can kiss that precious face without guilt or worry because there's nothing harmful touching your baby's skin.
Ella + Mila is the perfect lipstick brand for moms. These lipsticks don't contain parabens, phthalates, gluten, or lanolin. They're not tested on animals, either. A boost of vitamin E will keep your lips soft and smooth to boot.
Can't-Miss Hair Care
Taking care of your hair has the power to improve your mood and make you feel like a new person. Because every mom has a different hair type, color, texture, and need, we don't want to focus on a single product, but we do want to highlight a fabulous vegan brand: Giovanni Cosmetics.
The brand has products for everything—and we mean everything. Whatever your hair type, you can find a shampoo and conditioner or a selection of styling products to help you rock your most flattering look. There are only a handful of products that aren't organic or vegan, and they're all clearly labeled.
Sensational Skincare
As a mom, your me-time is a must-have, especially with everything going on right now. You're better equipped to care for your family when you take care of yourself, too. One way to do that is to pamper yourself even if it involves creating a spa experience in your home. You know what you need at the spa, right? An epic skincare routine.
Check out the Erbaviva brand to discover everything you could possibly need. It has essential everyday skincare, such as facial creams and body lotions, but it also has specialized products that are ideal for new moms. For example, you can snag a cream for stretch marks that will make your skin soft and supple. There are also belly butters that are soothing for both new moms and expecting moms. You can find nursing balms, body washes, and sunscreen—basically, anything you might want.
Safe and Stunning Nail Polish

The perfect manicure can make your day a little better and your life a little brighter. A pedicure has the same power. You can't head to the salon to get your nails painted at the moment, but you can take an hour to yourself at home and take the DIY approach. All you need is a gorgeous polish.
Once again, Ella + Mila steps up for moms who want to live an organic life. The brand's vegan nail polish collection is full of eye-catching colors, but it stands out because of the formula. Because each nail polish is 7-free, you can feel confident that there are no abrasive or dangerous chemicals on your nails.
That means that you can play with your baby without fear, too. After all, anything that goes onto your body ends up touching your little one, as well. That's why Ella + Mila polishes are made for moms. Not only are they safe, but they're also quick to dry and resistant to chipping.
Beauty from the Inside Out
It isn't exactly an organic product, but the Blendjet will let you create a variety of organic products. What you eat and drink is an important part of your beauty routine. Get your minerals and vitamins through delicious smoothies and shakes, and watch your outer appearance glow.
The Blendjet is fast and efficient, which is a must for moms, plus it will allow you to make your own baby food for your darling. Going a step further, you can even blend your own face masks and DIY skincare treatments.
What are some of your favorite organic beauty products? Share your recommendations with other mothers!

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