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3 Must-Have Workout Clothes For First-Time Gym Joiners

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So, you’ve decided to join a gym. Congratulations! Making the decision to take care of yourself and your body is absolutely awesome. Going to the gym has so many benefits, both physical and mental. Not only are you improving your cardiovascular fitness and building muscle, but the gym provides a hub for social activity, learning and mental stimulation. Research shows that exercising regularly is incredible for your mental health. 

For some, though, heading to the gym for the first time can be really daunting. Learning a new skill among those who seem already in-the-know is quite frightening, and most people are afraid to make a mistake. Never fear. Gym managers and employees are well trained to help you with any questions you have. 

When it comes to what you’re supposed to wear, we’re here to help. Here are three must-have workout clothes for first-time gym joiners!
  1. Sports Bra

As a woman, investing in a good sports bra is absolutely essential. A regular bra just isn’t going to cut it when you’re working out. Here are a few ways sports bras protect and support you.
  • Support. Particularly if you have large breasts, exercising without a proper sports bra can be painful as it causes excessive movement in that area. Having your breasts properly supported and held in place allows you to work out without chest pain or difficulty.
  • Streamlining. Strapping down your chest under a sports bra can feel restrictive, but it provably aids your mobility in the gym!
  • Preventing sag. Yes, that’s right, sports bras don’t just protect you in the gym, but can prevent long-term effects on your breasts, too.

  1. Good Quality Leggings

Take heed, women everywhere. You need proper leggings. Gym leggings are worn by men and women alike, as they are fitted, streamlined, moveable and are made from wicking material that doesn’t hold onto sweat. There are so many leggings on the market, but the ones to invest in are supportive, and importantly, not see-through. Many poor quality leggings become see-through when you squat or bend down, revealing your underwear. Let’s just say that isn’t ideal, right?

High waist scrunch leggings are supportive of your belly and back with a firm elastic waistline. These nip in your waist while showing off your amazing curves. And yes, they aren’t see-through. Hallelujah. 

  1. Shoes, shoes, shoes

Working out in inadequate footwear can lead to a multitude of problems. From shin splints and stress fractures to lack of balance, you do not want to land yourself in an injury right after you start working out. Training shoes are built with gyms specifically in mind, designed to balance you and support your body weight while you engage in muscle-strengthening activities such as weightlifting, squatting and planking. 

Having this baseline of foundational support in your shoes allows you to work out with more control and avoid devastating injuries. Although training shoes aren’t cheap, they will serve you well in the long fitness journey you are taking!

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