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There, There: Managing Dental Anxiety In Your Child

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Going to the dentist is one of the most essential things for a child and yet it’s also something that can elicit fear in a child. A dentist appointment is likely never going to be a good time for a child, but that doesn't mean that it isn't a necessity. The good news is that you can ease the fear that your child is feeling, and you can make it easy for them to get those teeth checked before the Tooth Fairy comes!

You can get the best family dentist on board with your children, but it takes more than that to ensure that you can alleviate those frightened eyes! So, let’s take a look at some of the best ways that you can manage dental anxiety in your kids. 

  1. You should never teach your children to fear going to the dentist. Even if you’re afraid of the dentist yourself, it doesn't mean that you should project that fear. If you’ve ever had a scary appointment at the dentist, it’s easy to discuss it where little ears are listening. However, you need to paint the dentist in the best light by talking about checking their smiles and counting their teeth. Talk about a treat for afterwards and make it clear to them that the dentist is there to help, not hurt.
  2. The best family dentist is one that offers children a safe place to be while they are waiting nervously to be seen. Colorful walls, fun toys, movies and more. You can choose your family dentist based on what they can offer to children, so shop around and find one that makes yours feel comfortable.
  3. It can really help to role play playing dentists. You can help your children to develop an idea of what it would be like to see a dentist by playing as a dentist. You can check their teeth with a mirror and show them how the dentist could check their teeth. You can get them to check the teeth of their stuffed animals, too. Routine is key for a successful visit.
  4. Preparation will help here. If the dentist knows that your child is nervous, they can ensure that they hide away anything scary looking and they can keep a very positive attitude throughout the appointment. Dentists are very good at helping to alleviate fears in children; they’ve been trained to do it. 
  5. Start early with the dental appointments in your children’s lives. It’s so important for your children to have their teeth and gums looked at from a young age, and the earlier you do it, the easier it’ll be for them to get used to the idea. A family dentist will not just work with your children, but with you, too. This will help to keep your children at ease.

The right dentist will help you with managing your dental anxiety in your children, so why not look for the perfect one today? Get started now and you’ll have confident children in the dentist!

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